Beekeeping for bee-ginners

7. October - 14. October 2023.

Learn all about beekeeping and honey harvesting from our experienced beekeeper, who will give you safe hands-on lessons on how to acquire bees, feed them and keep them healthy, maintain a productive community of bees, harvest honey and process it afterwards… and so much more. What can we say: we really did plan a bee-sy schedule.

Experience Dalmatia

Bee poison, continuous learning, beehive types, where to place a bee-hive.

Types, hygiene, usage, protective equipment.

Types of honey and bee communities, their biology, how and where to obtain thefirst bee community.

Honey, pollen, royal jelly – propolis and wax, and their application in human health improvement.

How to prepare a bee community for a year-long sleep period, spring development, honey picking.

Diseases, parasites, human-caused perils.

How to produce propolis tincture, purify wax, and make creams from propolis and

Improving products for personal use made exclusively from honey, pollen, propolis or royal jelly.


The workshop includes

The daily schedule can be changed and adjusted depending on weather conditions.


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