The hotel prides itself on having its own ecological production of a rich varity of vegetables. Fresh and warm bread and bagels are being made on a daily base. In the morning, have breakfast on the hotel’s terrace with a fantastic view of the Adriatic Sea and the islands. We recommend the free-range eggs omelette with peppers and tomatoes from our eco garden, warm bagels and freshly squeezed orange juice. In the evening, while enjoying the salty breeze coming from the sea, give a try to tender steaks and chops come from local cattle breeders or delicious fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea.


Original Dalmatian Cuisine

Delmati or Dalmati were an Illyrian tribe that occupied the area of central Dalmatia in ancient times, in the 2nd century BC. Since that time, Dalmatia has been under the rule and influence of many countries: ancient Rome, Germanic and Slavic tribes, Venice, the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, Turkey, France, Italy… All conquerors eventually gave up this hard and unyielding territory, leaving behind only the best: the influence of their gastronomy!

Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine is known as one of the healthiest around, and with our wide network of local suppliers we are able to offer you the best of it. We would like to mention a few examples:

  • Brujet is a traditional Dalmatian dish made from several types of white fish and crabs cooked in wine and tomato sauce. We serve it with polenta and homemade bread.
  • Octopus salad is made from boiled octopus with tomato, onions and broad beans, cooled and seasoned with olive oil and vinegar.
  • Pašticada is a meat dish made using the technique of long, slow cooking of the best part of aitchbone in a combination of red wine, vinegar and water with a large amount of onions and other root vegetables. In Liberan we serve Pašticada with homemade pasta called Makaruni.

Bon Appetit!

Homemade pasta

Production of our own pasta makes us almost unique in this area.

Very few restaurants take time to produce their own pasta and we have a wide variety of them: Macaroni, Spaghetti, Tagliatelle and stuffed Ravioli and Capellini are just a few in our offer.

Organic garden

As a part of the Liberan Project is also a big ecological vegetable garden near the hotel with which we are partially supplying ourselves with only the best vegetables you can find.

No additives or pesticides are used in production, only water, organic fertilizer and love to detail.

Croatian wine

Croatia is well known for its wine due to a large number of sunny days per a year. Starting from Istria through middle Dalmatia down to the south you will find only quality ones in our restaurant. A few to mention:

  • Plavac mali – the most significant autochthonous grape variety in Croatia. The wine is dark ruby in colour with a blue reflex, has a nicely developed aroma, is strong and astringent with a specific taste.
  • Dingač – the most potent southern variety of Plavac mali, comes from a micro location of the Pelješac peninsula.
  • Pošip – the first Croatian white wine with a protected geographical origin, protected in 1967. It is it’s full-bodied and full of character, mostly produced in the south of Korčula, an island with a tradition of growing white varieties since the time of the ancient Greeks (4th century BC).
  • Malvazija – Istrian autochthonous wine characterized by minerality and freshness, ideal for consumption in the summer months.
  • Zlatarica – a white variety, with micro location in the vicinity of the town of Vrgorac, Dalmatian hinterland. Exceptional freshness and notes of ripe citrus are the characteristics of this wine.

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