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The Hotel Liberan is the right choice for visitors who are searching for a combination of charm, peace, quiet and a convenient position from where to explore surroundings.


Welcome to Liberan Hotel

Heritage Hotel Liberan is the fulfillment of a long-standing dream, carefully and lovingly planned and realized with infinite patience. The intention was to save the ancient building, which had been built before 1900 collapsed after the earthquake in 1962, and breathe new life into it. The stone from the ruins was saved, taken to the island of Brač for cutting and returned to form the exterior facade of the house, which was built in the same dimensions as the original. Another, larger building was built not far from it and it is also covered with a facade made in a traditional style combined with stone decorations. The rest of the old stone was so solid and beautiful that we decided to take an extra step: the remaining stone was additionally cut into slabs, gently chipped and used in all the rooms as a decoration on one of the walls. Both houses offer luxurious accommodation in 13 spacious rooms, and the common restaurant offers a spectacular view from the terrace.

Heritage Hotel Liberan was named after the church of St. Liberan, which is near the hotel. The fact that the name Liberan derives from the Latin word Libertas, freedom, was key to the whole idea of our project. Everything we do, we do because we believe that the mountain and the sea clear the mind and free the body from the shackles of everyday life. We invite our guests to indulge in the experience, to immerse themselves in the clear depths of the Adriatic and the scents of clean mountain air, pine, immortelle and lavender, to clear the mind of everything superfluous and irrelevant. In Liberan, you can breathe fully again and find yourself, find your freedom.

Heritage Hotel Liberan is located at an ideal altitude, exactly 260 meters above sea level. This is the point where warm, salty sea air and cold, clean mountain air meet. By reviewing the genealogy of the inhabitants of the old village where the hotel is located, we realized that the life expectancy of the people who spent their days in this village and at this altitude before the earthquake in 1962 was between 90 and 102 years. We believe that this combination of sea and mountain air forms a kind of air spa and that, combined with the Mediterranean diet, especially the consumption of olive oil, reveals the secret of health and longevity.


A Source of strength 260 meters above the sea


History of the Liberan

The life of the old people of Podgora in the 18th and 19th centuries was not easy, they were mostly working people who lived very modestly, which is reflected in the remains of architecture, both residential and religious. They were oriented towards home and garden…

Podgora was first mentioned in the 16th century as one of the places under the protection of Venice, but numerous finds such as prehistoric mounds, ancient amphorae, ceramics and coins, a part of an ancient anchor in the sea on Čaklje, the remains of towers from the Turkish period or copper coins with the inscription DALMA ET ALBA from the era of Venetian rule bear witness to the thousand-year continuity of life in Podgora.

Etymology of the name: Pod gorom
The name Podgora clearly refers to its location – under a mountain. The mighty Biokovo protected Podgora from bad weather and attacks from the north, providing natural shelter for its population.

Oppidum, castrum or castello
During the defense against the Turks, the wealthier citizens of Podgora built high towers in the Podgora hamlets, where they would take refuge during attacks. Due to their number, Podgora is often called oppidum, castrum or castello in documents from the 18th century.

Located under the mighty mountain Biokovo, in the embrace of olive, fig and almond trees and fragrant bushes of lavender, sage and immortelle, Heritage Hotel Liberan is proud of its greatest value: SILENCE. Only a ten-minute drive away from the tourist bustle of Podgora or Makarska, our hotel offers guests often unattainable and rare moments of silence, an experience that many people in large urban areas may never have been able to experience. We promise you soundless awakening, the original sound of nature…


Beautiful location


View that knocks down

Regardless of whether you admire the purple-grey color of Mount Biokovo at dusk, the morning blue of the sea with scattered islands in the distance, or the blood-red sunset, we can promise you one thing: you will be amazed.


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